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TanTara Mobile Airbrush Tan takes the hassle out of airbrush tanning by bringing it to the comfort of your own home.  Don't fuss over what to wear to and from the salon or ruining your tan before it even develops.  Let me come to you!   I use only the absolute, tested and true, BEST organic, vegan, cruelty-free products in the industry. Not only that, I will never charge you extra for pre-tan preparation or after pampering and instruction. You will receive a high-quality, in home spa service every single service – PERFECTION GUARANTEED.  Whether you want a hint of a glow or a deeper, richer color for your vacation or special evening, a flawless tan is the best accessory to perfect any look. I have the solution to customize your tan and the experience as a consumer and airbrush tanning artist that will make you feel comfortable and beautiful. TanTara is a master certified spray tanning artist by the best in the industry and my reviews will speak for themselves

 TanTara is the best spray tan in Kansas City! 

PACKAGES (Purchase Below)


(Packages are non-transferrable)


  • Full Body Custom Tan - $50.00
  • Peak Hour Custom Tans - $60.00

(see Special Rates below)

  • Premium Tan Package 2 - $80.00  (2 premium rapid tans)
  • Premium Tan Package 3 - $115.00 (3 premium rapid tans)
  • Premium Tan Package 4 - $145.00  (4 premium rapid tans)

NOTE:  All spray tan services include pre and post prep services that other salons upcharge for.  


Includes the following: (must be paid in advance)


  • Pre-wedding Consultation;
  • 1 Custom Pre-wedding Tanning Session;
  • 1 Personally Customized Wedding Tan; and
  • Bridal / Travel Package of 4 chocolate scented tan maintenance products!

NOTE:  All wedding services must be paid in advance and are non-refundable.  1 rescheduling will be allowed with 24 hours notice.    All final wedding tans must be scheduled no less than 2 days in advance of your wedding date.  


Includes the following: 


  • 2 Applications of Competition Color;
  • 1 Application of Physique Bronze;
  • Pre-Stage Bronzer;  
  • Bikini Bite glue; and 
  • Show Shine!

NOTE:  Tan Packages are intended to be for the one individual they are purchased for.  They cannot be tranferred to multiple people.



  • Peak Rush Hours 4-6 pm, M-F - $10.00 upcharge
  • Same Day & After Hours Services - $75.00

(contingent based upon availability)  

  • Cash Rate - $45.00 
  • Partial Tans - $35.00 
  • Group Discounts on party of 5 or more

NOTE:  Beyond 25 mile service area, additional extended-service fees apply at a rate of $1.00 per additional mile. A hotel 

access fee of up to $10.00 may apply where parking is limited or restricted.


How to prepare for your airbrush tan:  

  • Shower with plain water, shave, and exfoliate. Exfoliating will slough off dead skin cells so the tan will last longer.  Do not shower with moisturizing shower gels, especially Dove.  These can act as barriers not allowing the tanning solution to completely soak in to the skin.
  • Schedule any waxing, facial, nail appointments prior to the tanning session.  It is important for waxing to  be done no less than 24 hours prior to your appointment for optimal results.
  • Come to the session with clean, dry skin. This means no makeup, lotion, deodorant, sunscreen... nothing. Again, do not shower with moisturizing shower gels, especially Dove.  These can act as barriers not allowing the tanning solution to completely soak in to the skin.
  • Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing until your tan is completely dry, making sure to avoid skin on skin contact.  You may dust areas that might be prone to perspire with powder to help protect your new tan until it develops.


How to prolong the life of your airbrush tan:

  • Avoid exercising or physical activity for at least 8 hours. Perspiring before the tan fully develops can result in uneven color and streaking.
  • Avoid rain and exposure to water for 8 hours.
  • Do not apply makeup or lotion for at least 8 hours
  • Shower in 8 hours or by specific instruction of your technician. The temporary cosmetic bronzer will wash off and this is normal.
  • After the first shower, moisturize your entire body twice daily. Use designated products to increase duration of the airbrush tan.
  • Avoid long showers or baths as water acts as a natural exfoliant. Avoid hot tubs, and chlorine pools which causes a tan to fade faster.
  • The tan does not offer any UV protection so it's important to protect your beautiful skin by using sunscreen at all times, regardless of your skin type. 



Q: What is DHA and how does it work?

A:  A trained technician will customize the organic solution-based sunless spraytanning formula to your specific skin type providing you with a natural looking tan for your coloring.

Q: How is it done?

A:  Sunless tanners contain DHA (dihydroxyacetone) which reacts with the amino acids in the top (dead) layer of skin. DHA is derived from the beet sugar and reacts with amino acids to make bronze-colored melaninoids.

Q: Will I turn orange?

A:  Because our organic spray tan solutions do not contain dyes, the results of your airbrush tanning session are very natural looking. Your tan will be customized to your skin type so that you will not experience the orange discoloration that you may have experienced in the past from other sunless tanning products or spray booths.

Q: Is Airbrush Tanning safe?

A: DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is the active ingredient in our organic solutions, and has been approved by the FDA for over 30 years. The sunless airbrush tanning application is safe, effective and takes as little as 10 minutes from start to finish. The solution takes 8-10 hours to fully develop and your tan will darken during this time.

Q: Will it ruin my clothes?

A: Tanning solution is airbrushed onto the skin in a fine mist, quickly dries and contains no permanent dyes. The all-natural tanning solution is water based and should not dye any clothing that it may contact. It washes easily out of clothing and other materials; it only reacts to human skin. Once your tan is fully developed and you have showered, your tan is set and it will not rub off on your clothes.

Q: How long will it last?

A:  The length of time you will enjoy your tan depends on various factors. The primary factor is how well you typically hold a natural tan along with how hydrated you keep your skin. On the average, most clients enjoy their tan for about 5-10 days before it has fully, naturally faded. The desired depth of color will determine how often you need to have it redone. As with any tan, the more you moisturize, the longer you will keep your tan.

Q: I have rosacea, vitiligo, heavy scarring or stretch marks; will tanning work for me?

A:  Sunless tanners are great for people with rosacea who want to hide the pink and red splotches caused by a flare-up. It is also a miracle worker for those with vitiligo, although they may need to tan as often as every other day, depending on skin color. Scars – if they get any color at all, it’s usually light. The newer the scar, the less tanner it will absorb. Old stretch marks will be covered by airbrush tanning. Newer ones won’t as much, but as they age and heal, they will disappear under your airbrush tan.

Q: The Advantages of Airbrush Tanning?

A:  Spray tanning booths can produce poor results due to lack of customization. Airbrush tanning offers a customized solution and customized application, providing a flawless tan. No more self-applied orange, streaky self-tanners. No UV damage. Quick, flawless and very natural looking.  That's why TanTara is consistently the best spray tan in Kansas City!


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