Signature Blend Sunless Tanning Foam $50.00

This self tanner is a gorgeous violet base for a deep, island tan!  Neutral, olive, and warm skin types will love this blend!

On-The-Glow Tanning Bundle $100.00

This amazing bundle is the ULTIMATE TanTara experience at home for that busy babe who's always on the glow!  It includes your choice of Signature or Miami Blend Self-Tanning Foam, application mitt, Tan Eraser Mitt, my signature Chocolat Star Dust setting powder with body brush and TanTara lip balm!

Your Choice

Coco Beach Sunless Tanning Foam $50.00

Formerly Miami Blend - this self tanner is a green-based, blend for a beautiful warm brown tan!  Perfect for those with pink undertones!

Chocolat Star Dust w/Body Brush $45.00

This is a TanTara Exclusive chocolate-scented powder will set your tan with a delicious cocoa scent with a pop of glitz to make you twinkle like the stars.

That Night in Miami Sunless Tanning Foam $55.00

Our darkest, chocolatiest luxury self tanner.  This univeral brown-based blend is for those that crave the darkest tan of your dreams.  Perfect for just about every skin type.  Never disappoints!